S: 161cm - 164cm

M: 165cm - 168cm

L: 169cm - 171cm

Collectie 2021 » 7. » Acropolis 111 Z

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Acropolis 111 Z

Aganix plus one of 111's best damlines!

Although we have only bred four horses from dam Hadisha, we can already conclude that she gives jumpers! Half brother Axel 111 Z performing on 1.55 level, half sister Robin 111 up and coming talent from Joe Clee and half brother Drummer 111 Z approved by Zangersheide. Obviously no coincidence if you know the grand dam performed at 1.40 level with Tim Stockdale, and full sister Cheyenne 111 Z performed at 1.60 level with Kevin Staut. It's all about the genes and in combination with Aganix surely this will become the next talent of this damline!

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Aganix du Seigneur Z